964 Wide Body – Street

Please note RWB Bodykits can now be installed at a local authorized RWB shop. The wait time for Nakai is ongoing so please inquire. All body kit orders are non-refundable once paid and ordered.

RWB WIDE BODY KITS US$28,000 (Effective 2022)
★Front bumper
★ Rear Bumper
★ Side Rockers Pair
★ Front Wide Fenders Pair
★ Rear Wide Fenders Pair
★ Other small parts

*All Body Kit purchase does not include shipping but it does include the excellent craftsmanship from Akira Nakai. He is the only person that installs and fits the already excellent fitting kit onto your car. His time is very valuable so if you’re interested, please secure your time by ordering your kit today.

★ RWB Option parts 964

★ Wings
Kamiwaza (double decker wing) $1,800
Champion wing for Ducktail $1,600
Royal Champion wing $1,900
Champion wing $1,600
Carrera Wing $1,300
Ducktail $1,400
Grill (all wings) $300

★ Fenders
964/930/Backdate Royal Fender $2,300
RSR fender (Royal Fender with hole) $3,200
Fender Wing $1,400
Smooth fender $3,500

★ Others
Hakama Front Lip $1500
964 Pandora side skirt $1,800
“RWB” lettering cut out on trunk $1000

RWB rear side window with air dust in lexan material $2,000
Carbon fiber roof $1,800

★ Wheels
RWB Work wheel $5,500
RWB Suspension $5,500

★ Exhaust
RWB hand-made exhaust $6,000